I am presenting here some interesting books I found during my forays into the depth of the Internet.

General Latin Dictionaries LATIN - ENGLISH

  • The Vocabulary Of High School Latin (236 p., Gonzalez Lodge, 1922): This one is the smallest dictionary of all because it limits itself to the 2,000 words most often used in books I-V of Caesar's de bello Gallico, the six orations by Cicero "usually read in schools", and in books I-VII of Vergil's Aeneid. Exactly this self-imposed limit, however, makes this dictionary of special interest to any student of Latin. According to the preface a "student who has at his command these 2000 words will have the vocabulary of fully nine tenths of all the ordinary Latin that he is likely to come into contact with."
    At the end of the book is a compilation of the Latin words contained in the dictionary arranged by author and number of book or oration. That might be useful for anyone wanting to check the extent of his own vocabulary, especially concerning certain authors.

Special Dictionaries

  • Döderlein's Hand-book of Latin Synonymes: A Project Gutenberg-edition, and therefore available in various format. A must-have.
  • Latin Synonyms, With Their Different Significations, And Examples Taken From The Best Latin Authors (716 p., M.J.B. Gardin Dumesnil/J.M. Gosset, 1809): This work provides usage commentaries for 2541 synonyms. At the beginning is a list of all words contained with the number of the synonym entry. Looking up the correct usage is therefore very easy. A sample entry:
  • A Dictionary Of Latin Phrases (1048 p., William Robertson, 1824): This dictionary (English - Latin) is rather peculiar in that it does not give translations of single words or provides insight into synonyms but instead shows how certain (in fact many) English phrases might be expressed in good Latin. The editor emphasizes the importance of such a dictionary in regard of the "increasing attention paid to Latin Composition". In the following example I will give only the first 20 phrases for "break". There are about 40 more phrases containing the word "break"
  • Nouveau Dictionnaire du Voyageur, Francois - Allemand - Latin (ca. 1800 p., David Étienne Choffin, 1780): Although not available in English, I can recommend this dictionary for anyone knowing French because it contains "modern" (1780) vocabulary, but not only single words but also phrases. Have a look.

Neo-Latin dictionaries

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