Remove Line Breaks From Gutenberg Texts

The e-texts provided by Project Gutenberg are very good. However, sometimes you want to get rid of those darn line breaks inside of the paragraphs. While reading a FAQ on I found a way to do so. For convenience sake I am giving the solution here:

You can use Microsoft Word to achieve this, but many text editors also do the trick:

  • Step 1: Find two paragraph markers ("^p^p")
    • Replace these with a neutral character (e.g. "#")
  • Step 2: Find one paragraph markers ("^p")
    • Replace these with a single space (" ")
  • Step 3: Put 2 paragraph markers back in by replacing the chosen neutral character (e.g. "#") with "^p^p".

Note: If your text includes the character "#", simply choose a different "neutral character" instead.

Thanks to the people at for the hint!

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