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This sections contains links to some interesting resources which are not dealing (at least not directly) with the Latin language.

Cambridge Ancient History

The 14 books from the series Cambridge Ancient History, which covers Rome, Greece, and the Near and Middle East, until 600 AD (for Rome, other end dates for various cultures), are all available at Most of the scans are based on the 2nd edition, but a few volumes belong to the 1st and 3rd edition.

1.1: Prolegomena and Prehistory (3rd ed.)
1.2: Early History of the Middle East (3rd ed.)
2.1: The Middle East and the Aegean Region (c. 1800-1380 BC) (3rd ed.)
2.2: The Middle East and the Aegean Region (c. 1380-1000 BC) (3rd ed.)
3.1: The Prehistory of the Balkans; the Middle East and the Aegean World, 10th to 8th Centuries BC (2nd ed.)
3.2: The Assyrian and Babylonian Empires and other States of the Near East, from the 8th to the 6th Centuries BC (2nd ed.)
3.3: The Expansion of the Greek World, 8th to 6th Centuries BC (2nd ed.)
4.: Persia, Greece and the Western Mediterranean (c. 525 - 479 BC) (2nd ed.)
5.: The 5th Century BC (2nd ed.)
6.: The 4th Century BC (2nd ed.)
7.1: The Hellenistic World (2nd ed.)
7.2: The Rise of Rome to 220 BC (2nd ed.)
8.: Rome and the Mediterranean to 133 BC (2nd ed.)
9.: The last age of the Roman Republic (146-43 BC) (2nd ed.)
10.: The Augustan Empire (43 BC - AD 69) (2nd ed.)
11.: The High Empire (AD 70-192) (2nd ed.)
12.: The Crisis of Empire (AD 193-337) (2nd ed.)
13.: The Late Empire (AD 337-425) (1st ed.)
14.: Late Antiquity Empire and Successors (AD 425-600) (1st ed.)

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